Date and time:
10-12 May, 9am-5:30pm
13-14 May, 10am-4pm

Thomas & Birch, 2100 Douglas St



Run by John Shukin, Shape is a creative studio that specializes in designing brands and visual systems for business unusual. With a tendency to work between disciplines to achieve the most unique results, the brand systems we develop scale between physical and digital environments.

The hanging installation Guano features hundreds of origami seagulls above a plinth covered in their feces, and is the natural collaboration between birds, humans and our local ecosystem. “Guano” as a term refers to seabird excrement, which is one of the most effective natural fertilizers due to the birds’ nutrient-rich diet.

The story being unpacked by this artwork is both a playful take on an all-too-common occurrence in Victoria, as well as an attempt to take a seemingly mundane (although unpleasant) experience and show how pivotal it is to our coastal environment.


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